Independent market reviews has confirmed that Giro bike helmets currently boasts some of the best cycling helmets in its class. Key factors that were taken into account were:

  • Protection
  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Airflow

A helmet is an essential part of safety for any cyclist, however helmets are chosen by an individual based on the intended use thereof.

Cyclists who are serious about speed will strongly take into consideration the weight of the helmet, as every gram would matter.

Other key factors for racing cyclist would be airflow, as the helmets vents would reduce drag and maximize wind tunneling.

Casual cyclists and parents might have a totally different consideration when purchasing helmets. Key factors for them would be full coverage of the head (a little extra weight won’t be an issue), sun visors, comfort and of cause it should look stylish. Parents especially should consider safety, design and fashion when purchasing helmets for the kids. Children often cannot see the importance of wearing a helmet, so it is important that parents consider that the helmets are fashionable (looks cool and has fashionable graphics on the lid), they are comfortable (no pinching chin straps) and also has bug netting in the air vents.

Cyclists, who perhaps utilize bicycles as a mode of transport on a daily basis, must consider the importance of the helmet’s weight to alleviate neck strain on long rides and better ventilation for those warm summer days.

The choice of helmet based on its usage and product range will of cause have an impact on the price. Specialized helmets for sports people are more expensive as it offers more sophisticated features to serve their needs. Casual cyclists and parents can expect to pay less, and there are many affordable high quality options available in the Giro bike helmet range that would suit their needs.

Giro bike helmets also have an excellent feature of easy adjustment, so tightening and loosening of the helmet can be done with one hand even whilst riding.


Features of a top quality bike helmet:

  • Light weight – reduction of neck strain and increases speed
  • Numerous air vents – ventilates warm air away from the scalp and dries up perspiration.
  • Removable inner padding – comfort against bumpy rides and absorption of perspiration.
  • Easy adjustment – one hand adjustment even during rides
  • A comfortable fit


  • Know the kind of riding you intend to do.
  • Know your head size – size and shape matters when buying online (visit manufacturers websites to check sizing charts)
  • What’s your hairstyle – bald heads and thick hair affects the fit and comfort of a helmet, so take that into consideration
  • Which season do you ride in most – hot seasons will require helmets with excellent ventilation, and cold rainy weather would require helmets with rain protection. Also helmets for cold climates must be fitted with a fleecy cap underneath, so that the correct size can be purchased.